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Accomplished teacher

Accomplished teacher

Having fully twenty-five years of experience, he successfully trains a number of young and junior riders, taking them to the top of the podium in the Italian championships.

The Olympic riders Georgio Nuti and Filippo Moyerson appreciate his teaching, as do other international riders.

Being true to his “teacher-trainer” principles « …I communicate my knowledge to my pupils… », Eric Louradour is now an accomplished teacher, and he can pride himself on having made his knowledge the spearhead of his teaching work.

Having been in turn both a pupil and colleague of Georges Morris, the Olympic rider and captain of the American jumping team who is recognised as one of the greatest world masters and coaches, and of Michel Robert, also an Olympic rider and a horseman admired for his handling of horses, his riding is among the finest on the international circuit.

As an organizer of training courses and an individual instructor, Eric Louradour has managed to conduct a multi-faceted career, and today he can pride himself on having taken a number of his pupils to the highest level.

Thanks to his individual teaching technique, he is a much sought-after and highly esteemed coach.
Self-discipline, adaptability, mutual confidence and horse-rider harmony, these are the keywords of this bold instructor who has defined a new approach.

An out-of-the-ordinary personality, an individual way of working and an experience that includes numerous meetings and contacts are the assets that today make Eric Louradour an instructor of high standing, able to offer his pupils high-quality teaching that is worthy of the truly great.